Fitness med Daniel
November 4, 2011
November 7, 2011



This is Nick, a photographer from UK, who helped me arrange a photo shoot on saturday with a bunch of fitness people from IKSU fitness. I will post some picture from that session later, when I have finished some of the massive amount of images that was produced during a 6 hour shoot. Anyways, I took a few portraits of Nick also that day, and I want to show them because I kind of like what I managed to do with lighting in these frames. Nick is one of those English guys who likes to ride around on a bike in t-shirt and bike shorts when it is almost winter in Sweden. (It seems to be an english theme because my best friend, who is also from the UK, also seems to be unable to comprehend the concept of cold) I don’t really know the guy very well, but I think that I managed to capture his personality and person pretty good in these frames.